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Functional Medicine Leaders, Deanna Minich, Ph.D., and Wendy Warner, M.D.,
Join Symphony Natural Health’s Medical Team of Women’s Health Experts


[West Valley, UT], April 28—In celebration of Women’s Health Month, Symphony Natural Health, a leading natural health product company and creator of Femmenessence®—the first ever nutraceutical in published clinical trials to demonstrate statistically-significant effects on hormones in peri- and post-menopausal women —announces the expansion of its medical team of women’s health experts. Deanna Minich, Ph.D., will serve as the company’s Chief Science Officer, and Wendy Warner, MD, also joins the medical team, further expanding the company’s expertise in women’s hormones and botanical medicine.

“As a health company evolving into the millennium of the feminine, we know how essential it is that we continue to bring women, who are leaders in the field of medicine, into leadership roles within the company,” said James Frame, CEO & Founder, Symphony Natural Health. “We must also ensure that our medical team consists of both clinicians and researchers with a deep understanding and extensive experience in functional medicine, women’s health, and most importantly, the journey women go on through each stage of life from a physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual perspective.”

Symphony’s medical team collectively has over 200 years of clinical experience, having treated over 150,000 women and educated tens of thousands of doctors and other healthcare professionals. Females make up 80% of the company’s customer base; 75% of the company’s team members and 50% of the board of directors.

      • Deanna Minich, Ph.D., CNS, IFMCP
      • Wendy Warner, M.D., IFMCP
      • Tori Hudson, ND
      • Kim Ross, DCN, LDN, CNS, IFMCP
      • Mona Fahoum, ND
      • Corey Schuler, NP, CNS, DC
      • Jan Roberts, Pharmacist, Clinical Nutritionist
      • Marc Sklar, LAc, FABORM
      • Catherine Darley, ND
      • Henry Meissner, PhD

Click here to learn more about Symphony’s Medical Team

In her role as Symphony’s first female Chief Science Officer, Dr. Minich will lead the medical team, oversee scientific communication, and spearhead educational research and publications. Initiatives will also include a consumer-facing Femmenessence support program, designed to empower and support women on their journey through each stage of life from a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual perspective.

Dr. Minich is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. Dr. Minich was trained in functional medicine and was part of the research team led by her mentor - the “Father of Functional Medicine,” Dr. Jeffrey Bland. She is an educator for the Institute of Functional Medicine and is an adjunct faculty member in the graduate program in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine at the University of Western States. She served on the Board of Directors for the American Nutrition Association for seven years and as past President of the American College of Nutrition.

Dr. Minich is a renowned nutritionist and functional medicine expert, with more than 20 years of experience in the natural products industry. She is the author of six books on health and healing, including Whole Detox, The Rainbow Diet, and The Complete Handbook of Quantum Healing, and has published more than 50 scientific articles in journals most recently was the lead author of: Is Melatonin the “Next Vitamin D”?: A Review of Emerging Science, Clinical Uses, Safety, and Dietary Supplements. Nutrients 2022, 14(19), 3934 .

“It has been one of my professional aspirations to work with the company that not only created the #1 clinically-proven natural product line for women’s hormone balance through their expertise in plant science, but is also committed to helping women to nourish their inner wisdom by providing community, support, and guidance, at each stage of life,” said Dr. Minich. “By allowing women to choose their own path to wellness, we are helping them to bring out the full expression of themselves into a conscious, self-actualized, and creative state of being. I am delighted to be part of helping women on this journey.”

Wendy Warner, MD, is a board-certified gynecologist, a certified Functional Medicine practitioner, an herbalist, and a mesa carrier. She is a nationally-recognized speaker and educator, past President of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, and currently faculty at the Institute for Functional Medicine, teaching in their Advanced Practice Module on hormones.

Join Symphony Natural Health at The Institute for Functional Medicine's Annual Conference (Orlando)

June 1-3, where our Medical Team will be presenting three posters:

      • A Functional, Non-Pharmaceutical Approach to Surgically-Induced Menopause: A Case Report
      • The Colors of Maca: Femmenessence (Lepidium peruvianum) as a Potential Alternative or Adjunct to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in Peri- and Post-Menopausal Women
      • Phytomelatonin is More Effective than Synthetic Melatonin in its Anti-Inflammatory, Free-Radical Scavenging, and Antioxidant Potential - showing Herbatonin, the first plant melatonin supplement, is 646% more effective than synthetic melatonin in its anti-inflammatory function (COX-2 inhibition), up to 957% more effective as an antioxidant (ORAC and DPPH) and 100% more effective in its cellular health and mitochondrial function (ROS) 

About Symphony Natural Health
Symphony Natural Health is a conscious collective of creators, scientists, doctors, growers, and solution seekers, on a mission to help all people experience harmonious, integrative health.

Our all-natural, vegan products are clinically proven to address the root cause of health conditions, not just symptoms.

From seed to self, we control every step along the way. We start with organic and sustainable agriculture and create a unique process for every individual plant we work with based on its individual biology and chemistry, manufacturing all our products in our own GMP-certified facilities. Our joint ventures with local indigenous families and villages create year-round employment and generate up to ten times the income within those communities. All decisions are based on a triple-bottom-line approach, evaluating the financial, social, and environmental impact of everything we do.

We believe true health occurs when there is harmony between the interdependent symphony of systems within our body, and beyond us, including every living thing: ourselves, our community, the Earth we inhabit, and elements both visible and unseen.

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