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The #1 Clinically Proven Natural Product for Women’s Hormone Balance


The Only Low Dose, Plant-Based Melatonin

Original Himalayan Crystal Salt

Our Scientific Research and 84 Trace Minerals Sets Us Apart

Seed to Shelf

From Organic and Sustainable Agriculture to Manufacturing and Clinical Research, We Set a New Standard at Every Stage


I am passionate about Femmenescence, and its effectiveness in supporting so many areas of hormone-related discomfort for women in a completely natural way. Even more exciting is the solid research that proves it, and the actual patient experiences that confirm it.

As a physician focused on restoring balance and then optimizing my patient's health, Femmenessence provides a unique botanical profile that affects not only female hormones but aids in supporting the heart and the chronic stress that so many of my patients are facing daily.

I have used Femmenessence for 8 years in my women's health practice. It has become a mainstay botanical approach for my peri- and postmenopausal patients. I am a big advocate of Femmenessence, as it has given me a tool I didn’t have to help me, help more women.

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