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Quality Control (OLD)

From results you experience, to mode of action, clinical research, quality, purity and even packaging, we wanted to create products that ticked every box that both you and we think are important.

To convey this concept easily, we came up with a word and logo to express a product that “ticks all the boxes” and does everything right: Perfessencecombines “Perfect Essence” and is reflective of all of the below:




We develop market leading products, with the highest success rates. We believe there is no point introducing a new product to the market, unless it is an improvement on all the current products for that specific health issue.
Mode of Action: 
By establishing the optimal mode of action we address the cause, not just the symptoms.


    • Science: The scientific research on 's products includes pharmacology, toxicology and double-blind placebo controlled human clinical trials, published in International medical journals.
    • Cultural: Our products are all vegan and Kosher certified so that people of all beliefs can use our products.


      • Purity: Our strict attention to all aspects of product purity, including Organic Certification (USDA, European Union and Japanese), Non-GMO, California's Heavy Metals Proposition 65 compliance, and products free of chemical extractives, alcohol, additives, colorings, preservatives, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, gluten, dairy, soy, and corn - all in vegancapsules, means that you are assured of having a 100% pure product.

      • Quality: We control every stage of production, from seed to shelf, through scientifically researched species, phenotype, variety, soil, geographic location and climatic conditions. Customized growing, harvesting and proprietary manufacturing processes for each individual herb based on its specific biology and chemistry, are carried out in certified facilities. These vertically integrated operations create unparalleled levels of the full spectrum of active ingredients found in each herb and ensure the maximum bioavailability in every product. In addition, long term quality is supported through stability verification and optimal product packaging using oxygen and moisture barrier blister packs and UV shielding boxes.
      • Education: Symphony Natural Health's Medical Board consists of some of the leading experts, authors and educators in natural medicine and integrative health. In addition we support organizations that empower, educate and further our industry, such as the Naturopathic Education and Research Consortium, Institute of Women's Health and Integrative Medicine, several of the US Colleges of Naturopathic Medicine and Awakes, a non-profit dedicated to educating and empowering people in holistic and integrative health.
      • Environment: We use vegetable inks and recycled cardboard, paper and packaging. Our office is compliant with San Francisco's green code and we employ environmentally sustainable agricultural practices in all our farming around the world.
      • Social Responsibility: All operations in third world countries are either joint ventures with local people or 100% locally employed. We establish value added industries, instead of simply trading commodities, creating year-round employment and generating up to ten times the revenue that standard operations would for the local communities.In addition, we have supported social outreach programs such as Nourish America and Medicine Horse that are aligned with our Core Values.

      Raw Materials

      Symphony Natural Health is unique in that we are a vertically-integrated company, meaning we control the whole process from seed to shelf for every one of our nutraceuticals.
      All of our products are 100% natural & organic meaning that the vegetarian capsule and the 100% organic herbal powder inside the capsule are the ONLY components of our products. No preservatives, chemical extractives, alcohol, additives, excipients or flowing agents are used in any of the processes leaving the product 100% pure.
      The fields in which we grown all of our products are USDA, EU and JA Organically Certified or in transition to be certified. This quality control continues through our manufacturing and packaging process with each facility GMP, Kosher and Organically certified.
      Creating the highest quality products in the world starts in the field. We scour the world to find the ideal locations to grow each individual herb. We pay strict attention to all of the following factors:
      • specific species, sub species and phenotype of each herb we use
      • seed selection quality
      • plantation location and elevation
      • soil and agro-management
      • rainfall and lunar cycles
      • harvest times in relation to growth and developmental stage of the plant and the diurnal cycle
      • harvest methods that minimize damage to the herb
      • variable drying technologies that depend on the herb and its primary purpose
      • temperature-controlled shipping


      All combined with different proprietary manufacturing processes for each individual herb, based on the biology and chemistry of that herb, to maximize the full spectrum of active ingredients and bio-availability.
      Below is an analytical comparison of Maca-GO® (Femmenessence) to two of the highest quality maca extracts by TLC spectro-analysis. You will see that Femmenessence contains the entire spectrum of active ingredients that exist in maca as well as higher levels of the specific ingredients chosen by the two companies that manufacture a maca extract.
      1. Femmenessence
      2. Arginin standard
      3. 10:1 maca extract (US)
      4. 5:1 maca extract (Europe)
      5. Prolin standard
      6. Femmenessence
      1. Femmenessence
      2. 10:1 maca extract (US)
      3. 10:1 maca extract (US)
      4. 5:1 maca extract (Europe)
      5. Sinigrin - standard
      6. Femmenessence